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My Family's Travelogue

Раздел: Лингвистика

Учебный год: 2010 / 2011

Автор: Гришина Дарья Константиновна

Руководитель: Демченко Елена Николаевна

Материалы работы: 587869.zip * (9,6 МБ)

Описание работы:

This presentation can be used when students study the topics "My Family" and "Travelling" in the 5th class. It can diversify the lesson and make it more interesting and lively.The work can give the lesson more emotional atmosphere and help students express their thoughts on the topic. The presentation contains a great number of photos and pictures about family and places of interest in Russia and abroad.There are many useful grammar structures and informative texts.

Технические требования:


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