Алексеева Екатерина Степановна

Образовательное учреждение: МБОУ " Намская улусная гимназия им. Н.С.Охлопкова"
Должность: учитель английского языка, зам.директора по воспитательной работе

Работы учащихся

  • "Lake of Moon Lulu" (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Григорьев Александр

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    It's very strange, but every evening I try to remember my past, especially things or actions. I ask myself: what I did right or what was wrong? Sometimes it's very amazing, similar to reading books (I love them very much) nothing can make me laugh or cry all nights. "Laugh enough" is heard like "love enough", do you agree?
    Love… " All you need is love" sang Beatles in 60 -s. I think it was the best time. If I had a Time machine I would like to live in 60s, when everybody adored music when people needed peace and love…

  • The mythological model of the world in different nations (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Жиркова Анна

    раздел: Литературоведение

    We have studied common traits of the world models in six different folk mythologies: Slavic, Yakut, ancient Greek, Mongolian, Chinese, and Japanese.
    According to the miths the world consists of three parts: upper, middle and lower. Gods reside in the upper world, people and animals inhabit the middle world, spirits and souls of the dead belong to the lower world. Details of the worlds structure, names and responsibilities of deities in the national mytologies are given and the role of social and natural conditions in their origination is discussed.

  • The story told by autumn leave (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Михайлова Саша

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    The story told by autumn leave

    Once I was walking in the forest. The fallen leaves were rustling under my foot. I listened to it and understood that they were whispering something to me. I picked up one leave, and it told me how it had spent summer.

    Every morning it washed with earli-day, and sometimes with drops of rain. It gave strenght and inspirited for the whole day.

    Each bird dedicated to the leave it's own song. The sun smiled it through thick branches. Summer days passed very quickly. The leave bored that summer had passed and hoped that will dream about summer under the mild snow cover.

  • Life in a small village (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Казанова Агаша

    раздел: Литературное творчество


    /love affair/

    Jane woke up from the loud sound of the alarm clock. She had to go to school. Two weeks were left before the summer holidays. It was warm summer sunny day behind the window. As usual she got up, dressed, washed and went to school without any haste.

    She studied in the 10th grade in one of the president schools. As said, 10th grade is an unforgettable grade. From the childhood Jane spared much time to her studies. She liked to study very much.

    Jane was so modest, that she didn't want to have differences from crowd. She was tall, nice, very kind and responsive.

  • About Happiness (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Ядреева Ольга

    раздел: Литературное творчество

    About happiness
    What is happiness? What does it mean? Do all people feel happy themselves? Maybe friends and family make people happy? There can be many-many questions about happiness… Because happiness can't be described by few words. Happiness is understood by every person in different ways. I know many people which feel them happy without much money. Also there are people who think that they haven't only health to be happy. Tastes differ. Also there is best-known phrase that happiness can't last more than one day. People have so many problems and troubles nowadays that they can't be happy all the time. They can be happy only few hours. Happiness should be kept by people.

  • The problem of poverty (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавтор: Соловьева Айыы-Куо

    раздел: Экономика, социология и право

    Growing number of homeless people and low-income families are the problems common for all regions of Russia, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) being no exception. The problem of pauperization and various approaches to its solution are widely discussed both in mass media and in state institutions of all levels. There are very important economical, sociological, psychological, ethical aspects of this problem that may deeply influence the development of social achievements of our state. All this aspects are discussed and some solutions are proposed in the work presented.

  • Песня как средство мотивации к изучению английского языка (2005/06 уч. год)

    соавторы: Евстафьев Максим, Ядреев Саша

    раздел: Лингвистика

    Главная проблема при изучении иностранного языка — отсутствие языковой среды. В работе показано, как использование в песенного материала в процессе обучения способствует увеличению словарного запаса, закреплению грамматических структур, расширению кругозора; помогает воспитывать у ребят высокие нравственные качества, стимулирует интерес к предмету и поддерживает его все годы учебы в школе. Приведены результаты анкетирования школьников по их отношению к обучению с использованием песен на иностранном языке.